Elementary Art Classes

kindergarten Art

Kindergarten Art focuses on controlling basic art materials and mediums as well as learning about the foundational Elements of Art (line, shape, and color) and the Principle of Design, Pattern.

1st Grade Art

1st Grade Art focuses on introducing new art materials, mediums, and techniques along with more complex Elements of Art (value, space, and texture) and a few of the Principles of Design (balance, pattern, and emphasis).

2nd & 3rd Grade Art

2nd & 3rd Grade Art is based off of different books with meaningful stories and interesting illustrations. Focus is on students as artists.

4th Grade Art

4th Grade Art investigates different styles and movements in art and what artists were involved and what influenced the style or movement. They will also learn about how the movement influenced future artists and movements in art.

5th & 6th Grade Art

5th & 6th Grade Art studies different artists and what makes them an artist. They will learn about the artists life and what influences/influenced their work. They will also learn how the artist influenced the art world and our world.

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